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Welcome to my Website/Blog.    I know what you’re thinking: ” Oh no… it’s Amway!  Run for the hills! ”  But wait a minute.  First, have you ever tried the Amway products?  In fact, did you know that Amway sells more than cleaning solutions?  In addition,  did you know that Amway uses all natural ingredients in their products?  Furthermore, Amway cultivates and harvests their primary ingredients.  Therefore, whether it’s XS’s energy drinks or Artistry lip gloss, Amway cultivates the ingredients for Amway products.

No doubt,  you probably have heard that all we want to do is get you set up to sell Amway products yourself.   However, this is not true for me.  I am mostly about selling products to make your life better.  For example, your optimal health is unique to you.   Whether you have a specific nutritional need or want to fill nutrient gaps with supplements, the Nutrilite brand can help.

Amway Products are 100% guaranteed.

Discover the best of health, beauty and home.  Customer favorites, special offers, and the latest products – all available from your Amway Independent Business Owner (me).    Above all, the Amway Promise ensures satisfaction with your purchases with a 180-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Also, only purchase Amway products for authorized Independent Business Owner (IBO’s).  For instance, If you purchase Amway Products from Amazon, there is a good chance that the items are close to their expiration date.  In addition, only Amway offers the 100%,  180 day guarantee.  Furthermore, although you may be ordering you products on-line, you are really working with actual human beings.  Once you purchase any of our excellent Amway products, I will by in touch to be sure you are happy with the items purchased.

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Nutrilite contains all natural ingredients - one of Amway's products that's the best.Artistry by Amway is the best because it all natural. Amway products are the best.Your optimal health is unique to you.  Nutrilite™ can help fulfill your nutritional needs. Click Here for additional Information.



Scientifically advanced Artistry×™ skincare collections are targeted to specific skincare needs. Click Here for additional Information.

Skin Care Tip:

What is the correct order of use?
All Artistry® skincare follows the Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturize/Hydrate philosophy.  First, cleanse your face with fresh foaming cleanser.  Second, use a toner on your face.  Third,  treat your skin with a serum.  Fourth, moisturize/hydrate with the hydrator that’s right for your skin condition.

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Hydra-V by Artistry – You gotta get it!

Every Person is their own work of art The Artistry® brand is passionate about empowering every person to discover, own, and revel in her/his individual beauty.  To attain that, Artistry® utilizes a groundbreaking approach to beauty: uniting nature, science and art to offer some of the most scientifically innovative and advanced beauty solutions.  It is …