Flower Power Cross-Body Messenger Bag

Flower Poser Messenger Bag

This very flowery messenger bag is an awesome place to put your tablet.  In the first place, the one front zippered pocket under the flap provides for easy access to your phone and incidentals.  Furthermore, there are 3 additional pockets to secure valuables and plenty of room for books, bottles and cosmetics. Additionally, The back of this handbag has one giant pocket for quick and easy access to books, magazines and newspapers.  The large adjustable and removable strap allows you to wear as a cross-body bag or carry as a purse.

  • Double magnetic button closure on flap
  • Nylon zipper for external front pocket
  • Snap enclosure on one large internal pocket
  • Dimensions: 11″w x 10.5″h x 2″d
  • Handle Length:  Adjustable 32″ min. – 57” max.

All About Messenger Bags

Originally designed for bike messengers and couriers, these bags are alternatives to backpacks.  Furthermore, they come in several styles and color option.

As a general rule, backpacks are more casual.  PreThey are used in more utilitarian occasions.  On the other hand, messenger bags are seen as more formal.


My Messenger Bag Is Awesome

One of the most obvious uses for messenger bags is as courier bags for bicycle or foot messengers.  In fact, They provide a quick and efficient way of getting deliveries where they need to go.  For instance, consider using one for your business or job if you have small deliveries to go short distances. Furthermore, Small messenger bags make great courier bags if you have only a few samples to show.

In addition, students in high school and college can use messenger bags for carrying their books, notebooks, binders and other school supplies. The easy-to-access flap top allows for quick insertion and extraction. Actually, most messenger bags have multiple compartments, small pockets and organizers, too.

More About  a Messenger Bag

Finally, A good messenger bag will have external pockets that are just right for carrying a tablet or book.   In fact, my Messenger bags have large exterior pockets on both sides and two or three internal pockets.


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